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We are a social business enterprise, a marketing and management consultancy company that promotes African businesses, services and products. We exist to help African business gain exposure, stability and competitive value. We are the go-to place for African companies, services and products. ProfileSME is the largest place to find made-in-Africa businesses, services, products and (business) solutions.

Our Vision is to create a network of strong, viable and global African businesses. Specifically, we:

  • Help African SMEs become strong brands in their competitive markets;
  • Provide marketing and promotional platforms give a stronger voice to Made-in-Africa Products, services and companies.
  • Render business solutions to startups and existing SMEs and help them in becoming global brands.
  • Promote all business African, including intellectual properties of African intellects who create courses and books.

We achieve these by providing adequate and effective business consultancy, marketing and training services through our matching platforms and seasoned and dynamic consultants.



To help the African entrepreneur create, build, develop and fully establish his/her business from scratch to zenith.

To promote African productivity and creative culture. We strongly believe that Africa’s future and survival depends on her creative side. 

To deliver business solutions and corporate professional training services to the African business in a bid to contribute to its stability, profitability and growth.



We offer dynamic and customized services to achieve our focus and aim of promoting Africa’s enterprises. These services are the five core defining arms (or branches) of ProfileSME. They are:

  1. Profile Consulting: The ProfileSME Consultancy arm offers services tailored to meet the total business setup need for startups, and a wide range of customizable service grid for growing or established businesses. Our trademarked ConsultPRO® is especially suited to the startup SME as it is a complete package of consultancy offering, ranging from business development to marketing and business promotions services. Our services cuts through and addresses today’s business challenges. We are a major in startup business research and feasibility design, business creation and business promotions. We offer tailored services for the myriad of challenges new and existing SMEs face. Check Our Complete Service

  2. SME Marketplace: Our marketplace is the largest product marketplace established strictly to promote made-in-Africa goods and products. With a worldwide coverage and customized report on your offer the largest online SME market in Africa. Visit Marketplace here.

  3. SME Business Directory: Our business directory is committed to promoting African businesses. With our online directory provides a hive for African businesses to be catalogues and accessed easily. Through our directory we bring the Business closer to her local and international potential clients. Access Our Directory here.

  4. SME Academy: Now for the first time, Africa has an indigenous platform where African creators and thought leaders design and promote their specialized courses. Our Academy offers a wide range of courses created by African though leaders and trainers. Take a course today!

  5. SME Business Hub: The SME Business Hub is a social platform where local and international businesses interact with African professionals and experts. Here, you gain access to a wide range of experiences from highly skilled experts in all business and indeed life fields. The ProfileSME business hub is created to provide needed support and guidance to the larger range of businesses in Africa. Get Involved!

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